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We will find the right one for you ...


Finding the right person is sometimes difficult and ties up internal resources for an unnecessarily long time. 

We advise you on employee selection and handle your search requests professionally, efficiently and with a clearly calculable effort. This saves you costs and allows you to concentrate on your core business.



We train your managers in conducting job interviews ...


To avoid loosing applicants, we train your managers in employee selection and in the professional conduction of job interviews. On top they will learn about professional onboarding in order to turn applicants into long-term employees.  



We relieve you of your personnel work ...



Simply outsource parts of it to us -

Depending on your needs, we will take over all or part of your employee search and / or selection, HR development or the implementation of specific HR measures.

We support companies that do not have their own HR manager or whose HR department is overburdened. Either by taking over individual measures or by creating and implementing overall HR-concepts that are adapted to the specific needs of the company.

Especially for companies whose HR department is overloaded, the outsourcing of individual partial services such as recruiting, conducting exit talks, etc. is a cost-effective alternative to increasing their own personnel resources.

For companies that do not have their own HR developer, we develop calculable and manageable personnel development concepts, ensure implementation and train internal employees to continue the overall system.

We support you in getting your dream job ...

As part of application coaching, we accompany you individually and practically in your application process in order to significantly increase the chances of being hired. Our support ranges from the analysis and preparation of your documents to preparation for job interviews, hearings or assessment centers.



Based on many years of experience in HR-Management we deliver our services


  • adapted to your individual needs

  • sustainable and competent

  • simple and clear

  • pragmatic.


In addition to relevant specialist expertise, all of my cooperation partners have many years of practical and management experience.



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