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Wurm HR-Consulting, Personalberatung, Linz, Personalentwicklung, Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung, Coaching, Bewerbungscoaching, Personalmanagement


Seminars are an important part of burnout prevention. Especially when it comes to raising awareness of risks, making the symptoms known, raising awareness of the topic, learning relaxation techniques and learning new communication patterns.

For people who are exposed to greater stress due to their specific work situation, it can be helpful to also resort to individual measures. In individual coaching  is dealt with on individual burdens and risks and it  will  Developed solution strategies tailored to the specific workplace.

My cooperation partners and I work as part of the coaching  usually systemic.

If you wish, I will bet  CFD (Cranial Fluid Dynamics). A gentle form of bodywork in which  one gains access to deeper layers of consciousness and thus very often gets to the point much faster than with conventional methods.

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