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1. Prices

the  The fees listed are in each case  net, excluding VAT.

2. Payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, invoices are due for payment immediately upon receipt and without any deductions. this applies  also for external costs and advance payments such as advertising costs, travel costs, etc.

3. Default in Payment

In the event of default in payment, the statutory default interest applies as agreed. Any reminder and collection costs, especially those of a debt collection agency, will be invoiced separately.

4. Assertion of claims

Claims of any kind cannot be offset.

5. Liability

In commercial transactions, liability is only assumed for gross negligence and willful misconduct.

6. Cancellation conditions

Cancellation fees are not subject to judicial moderation.

7. Personnel search & selection:

Comes the  presentation  the candidate (s)  due to delays by the client not within a reasonable period of time (max. 2 weeks after naming the candidate (s)), and  stand the candidate (s)  is no longer available as a result, another search process is required for a new search process that is necessary as a result  Quarter of the  Casting fees will also be charged. Should, after the decision on a candidate (s) be delayed in signing the contract by the client by more than 4 weeks and  if he / she orientates himself otherwise, the entire casting fee will be charged. That agreed  Casting fee applies to each candidate accepted. That is, two of the presented candidates are accepted as part of an appointment,  double the fee will also be charged. If the job description or the  Requirement profile changed in essential points within the scope of a filling order, a new search order must be placed and any cancellation costs for the original order will be due.

The application documents and candidate reports are from the client  to be treated as strictly confidential and may under no circumstances be passed on to third parties.

There is no guarantee or liability for that  of the  Applicants provided information (such as certificates, documents, certificates), in particular for their topicality, completeness, correctness, quality and / or usability on the part of Wurm HR-Consulting, Mag. Christina Wurm  accepted.

10. Place of jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stipulated by mandatory statutory provisions, the competent court in Linz is deemed to be the agreed place of jurisdiction. Austrian law applies.

Any agreement that deviates from these terms and conditions requires express written confirmation from Wurm HR-Consulting, Mag. Christina Wurm, in order to be valid.


Christina Wurm

Linz, April 2017

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